Nov 19, 2023

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Generate Hot Leads Using Zillow

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tactics

The real estate market is picking up once again after hitting an all time low just four years ago. However, it is not easy to chalk out a marketing plan based on the age old marketing strategies that realtors use. Real Estate Marketing Specialist Teodora Thompson is willing to share some tips that are bound to succeed today. The manner of lead generation in the real estate market has altered substantially with virtual events attracting the millennial generation. The marketing guru highlights the ideas that work. Although a few of them are slightly offbeat but you can expect them to succeed once you follow the tips diligently. Do read on before you begin on your campaign. Best of Luck!

1. Generate Hot Leads Using Zillow

Looking for a house is not dependent on contacting the local realtors anymore. According to the statistics put forward by the, “National Association of Realtors” it is the Internet that doubles up as the biggest real estate market now. It would therefore be a great idea to be on Zillow, the most popular website related to real estate at present. It enjoys almost 130 million visits a month and could help you earn handsomely from commissions.

2. Write Descriptions that Sell

You should better learn to write great descriptions about the house that you have listed, if you want it to be irresistible to your client. Mere facts will not do here. Your words should have the power to attract a potential buyer.

3. Make a viral real estate video

Do invest some time and post a viral video on social media. An entertaining video that is both funny and interesting will definitely reach out to a wider audience thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Yelp and others.

4. Generate more leads with text message marketing

Generating more leads does have to depend on advertising anymore. Be ready to unleash the power of mobile phones via marketing with the aid of text messages. You are likely to be inundated with texts requesting the details once you have your number on the marketing campaign.

5. Send regular emails to your clients and prospects

Keep in touch with all your contacts by emailing them on a regular basis and requesting them to check your blogs or listings.

6. Set up a Google Adwords Campaign

Marketing campaigns become easy once you turn to Google Adwords for help. So, go ahead and set up an account in order to rope in the biggest advertising platform online.

7. Start advertising on Facebook

Social media marketing is big today. It sure works for real estate marketing too. However, do engage a professional to create a great advertisement on Facebook in order to attract your target audience.

8. Create a monthly local based Newsletter

Do start sending a local monthly email newsletter to your target audience. However, make sure that your newsletter is visually attractive with a strong subject that appeals to the local property seekers. Including your contact information along with the key information about your listings for sale and rent will definitely go a long way in generating regular leads.

9. Host weekly Open Houses

Holding open houses has been in vogue from time immemorial. Do keep continuing the tradition weekly albeit in a slightly different way. Do take the help of technology by advertising the event on Facebook or on your personal website and display the properties on sale enticingly.

10. Hire a SEO expert to manage your Online Reputation

It would be best to employ a SEO expert who can ensure top search engine rankings for you to promote you as a top and trusted real estate personality for your specific farming area.